Would an abscessed tooth make your entire gum hurt? I have an abscessed tooth and have an appointment for it next week, but today my entire lower gum, where the tooth is hurts. Could this be caused by the one tooth, or is something else happening? .

Sure it can. An abscessed tooth is really an infection deep inside the bone, external to the tooth. Often times these are also draining under the gums and can cause swellings and significant pain in a wider area than just the tooth that is involved. As a general rule, don't assume it is only one problem. Get seen for it as soon as you can and have all the adjacent areas checked, too.
The . The best advise is to call for an emergency appointment and not wait.
How . How do you know the tooth is abscessed? Do you know what kind of abscess it is? I think you have an emergency situation and should see the dentist sooner than next week.