What's the best way to remove tobacco stains from teeth? I smoked for years, and have now quit. The tobacco was not kind to my teeth however, and I would really like to get them whitened again. Are there any methods that work better for tobacco than other

:) . :) congratulations! there are various ways that you can remove tobacco damage from your teeth and gums....Yes, gums can get discolored just as much as teeth. It may be as simple as getting a standard cleaning and polish or may require whitening techniques (at home or in office). For deeper damage, abrasion, plasty, veneers, or crowns may be considered. Dentists and hygienists have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve, so don't be shy to ask them. I hope you find something that works well for you - enjoy!
Start . Start with a check up and good cleaning to remove the surface stain. This could be followed up with any of the methods of professional whitening available. Congrats on quitting!
I . I will join in the congratulations! ask you're dentist about scrubbing your teeth with a scrub solution. There are several excellent products on the market available to your dentist for exactly this purpose. Best of luck.
Congratulation . Congratulation on quitting smoking, it will provided more dividends than whiter teeth. Both of the answers above are excellent. One thing to note is that over time your teeth are subject to wear of the outer enamel. As a result it reveals more of the inner supporting structure which is yellow in color. This may cause you to be somewhat disappointed in the results of professional cleaning and bleaching. This is not to say you should not go ahead with the treatment, just that you should have some realist expectation of the results.