My ankle hurts. Should I see a doctor? I broke my ankle/leg a year ago and I was supposed to see if I tore any tendons/ligaments..... But my orthopedist never got me an appointment to... My ankle always hurts especially after I exercise... It starts to

I . I agree with dr. Fowler, and suggest you get your ankle checked out. In terms of which type of doctor to see, you have a choice between an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist, as this falls into both areas. Why not go back to the doctor who saw you initially last year? He/she has the unique ability to know how your ankle was a year ago, which may be of help in treating it now. Good luck!
Yes see your Dr. If you are still having ankle pain, then you should have a podiatrist or orthopedist check it out.
See an orthopedist. Chronic ankle pain can be due to a number of things including ligament injury, tendon injury, arthritis, cartilage injury, general ankle weakness. This needs to be investigated further by an orthopedic surgeon, preferably one with foot and ankle subspecialty training.
Hello. . Hello. Since it was not fully evaluated and remains symptomatic, yes recommend you get evaluated.