Can dry macular degeneration turn into the wet form? I've read that it sometimes happens, but it doesn't make sense to me. Don't the two forms of macular degeneration have different causes? .

Macular degeneration. Nearly everyone who has wet amd initially had the dry form. There is definitely a progression from the dry type to the wet type. This is why high dose antioxidant vitamins and zinc is recommended for people with high risk dry amd - your eye md will be able to tell with a dilated retinal exam. As we learn more about the genetics of amd it is clear that there may be subtypes with different causes.
"Dry" . "dry" macular degeneration can become "wet" at any point. Often this is encourntered when there is a drop in vision. Should someone with "dry" macular degeneration ever experience a drop in vision, a trip to the eye doctor is important as we now have more advanced treatments for "wet" macular degeneration. There are a subset of patients with "dry" macular degeneration who benefit from areds vitamins. Any patient with "dry" macular degeneration should ask their doctor if they qualify for use of these. In my experience these eye vitamins are very much over-prescribed given the current studies that exist. Eye doctors are looking forward to the studies that will come down the pipeline in the future regarding vitamins and macular degeneration.
Dry . Dry macular degeneration can become wet when abnormal blood vessels start to form in the same area. Since these blood vessels do not behave normally like other blood vessels, they can leak fluids or red blood cells in surrounding tissue, hence the name "wet" macular degeneration can form.
Yes, . Yes, the dry from can become the wet form. As far as we know, the two forms do not have difference causes. The risk of macular degeneration is based on your age, your ethnicity, your smoking history, your sex, and your genetic makeup (among other factors). Most of the time, one develops the dry form first and then there is a possibility of converting to the wet form at a future date.