Do I have to wait until my radiation treatments are over before I can get breast reconstruction? I wanted to get immediate breast reconstruction after my mastectomy, but my doctor says I need radiation and recommended I wait. Why? .

Breast Cancer. I perform immediate breast reconstruction on patients every week who will get radiation treatments. I prefer to perform the diep flap for patients who i know will get radiated because i can take care of your own tissue much easier than an implant after radiation. The only time i don't perform or delay the reconstruction is when the tumor is close to the chest wall and maybe difficult to check.
Usually safer. Immediate breast reconstruction can still be performed if radiation is planned. However, breast implants and radiation generally do not go well together. Radiation increases complications after any reconstruction, but much more so with implants (eg hardening, pain, need for implant removal). Tissue flaps tolerate radiation much better. Delayed reconstruction is associated with fewer complications.
Radiation . Radiation treatment causes permanent and, frequently, progressive changes in tissue. Your best result may require repeated procedures if undertaken prematurely. Why don't you believe your treating physicians?
The . The answer to your question should be given to you by your treating team, not doctors who don't know the details of your condition. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.