If my surgeon doesn't get my rhinoplasty right, does he need to do a revision rhinoplasty at no cost to me? During my consultation, the surgeon mentioned fees for revision rhinoplasty. We haven't even done the first surgery! Shouldn't he do reasonable rev

You . You ask a reasonable question whose answer will vary depending on the practice principles of a given surgeon. Legally, there is no obligation to do it for free. In surgery, and particularly rhinoplasty surgery, there is no 100% gaurantee of outcome. It is obviously in the best interest of the patient and the surgeon (in essence, you are his advertisement and potential referral source to others) to have a good outcome. A good outcome depends on proper judgement, execution of appropriate technique, and favorable wound healing afterwards. Some factors are under our control and some are not (i.e., patients skin type, internal structure, prior surgical history, etc.).In my practice, if i can use a legitimate billing code because of functional problems with breathing, for instance, a revision may be able to be preapproved by insurance. If the problem is a cosmetic problem only, i usually offer revision by waiving the surgical fee and holding the patient responsible for the facility/or fee since I do my surgery through a hospital and have no control over that fee. The take-home message is always ask your surgeon what his policy is so there are no surprises later. Fortunately, revision rates are generally low and it would not be unreasonable to ask your surgeon what his rates are.
Hi, . Hi, this is always a difficult question but one that needs addressing. All consent forms usually cover the fact that there is a small but real risk of some irregularity as a possible outcome after rhinoplasty. Because of this there is no legal obligation to pay for a revision should there be a need for a re-operation... With that said, most plastic surgeons offer to waive their fee if they agree to do a revision of their own work but the patient is still responsible for the facility and anesthesia costs... Fortunately, the revision rate is very low for most surgeons... Hope this helps!
Depends on surgeon. If there is a problem a year after my rhinoplasty i will do a revision at no surgeons fee but the patient is responsible for the cost of the anesthesia and the facility. Yet, this policy varies by surgeon. Ask your surgeon their policy. Revision rates of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon are usually very low, but i always inform the patient prior to surgery to avoid confusion.
This . This aspect of revision surgery varies from surgeon to surgeon. Many surgeons do waive their surgeon's fees on reasonable revision cases. It's not uncommon for the patient to have to cover the facility and anesthesiologist fees, though, since these fees are often not controlled by the surgeon.