Is over-tightening of the skin a common complication of a neck lift? I've read many comments about people who felt that their surgeon pulled the skin too tight during their neck lift. I'd really like to get rid of my turkey neck, but I don't even like to

Over tight neck. It is better to overtight the neck as with time it will only become loose. This is different from a tight facelift that can look horrible.
The . The neck should feel tight for a few days to weeks after a neck lift, but after that the swelling resolves and the skin, unfortunately, begins to relax. Over-tightening is rarely a problem with a neck lift.
Neck . Neck skin over-tightening isn't a common problem after neck lift surgery. There will be a certainly level of tisue relaxation once the neck swelling calms down afer surgery so it may feel a bit tighter initially after surgery. You can discuss your concern about having a sensation of neck tightness after neck lift surgery with your surgeon. He or she will be able to discuss this in more depth after examining your neck in person.
It . It is almost impossible to over tighten the skin of the neck, or it will results in some serious complications. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.