When can I start exercising after chin liposuction? I lift weights and run on alternate days. How long do I need to wait after chin liposuction before I can go back to this routine? .

4 weeks. Check with your surgeon. Most people will return to light activity and work within a couple of days. Four to six weeks before resuming normal exercise routines and rigorous activities. http://www.dassmd.com/liposuction/index.html.
Ask your doctor. Your surgeon knows when he will feel that you may return to normal activity.
Six weeks. When you exercise, your blood pressure goes up, you may open up a bleeder, have a hematoma and increased swelling. You' ve gone through a lot to get your surgery done, so you need to help the doctor help you get the result you want. So stay away from the gym for six weeks.
You . You probably want to wait at least a couple weeks before going back to excerising after neck liposuction. I would follow what ever specific instructions your surgeon gives you, though, as that's who knows your situation best.