How long after septoplasty can I start exercising again? I normally exercise most days of the week. I don't feel right if I take off more than 3 days. I realize i'll probably need to wait longer than that, but how much longer? .

My. My routine --- 14 days for lower body exercises (without bending down) like treadmill, elliptical and bicycle 4 weeks for strenuous exercises, and ok to bending down real heavy weight lifting - 6 to 8 weeks.
The. The optimal timing of when to restart exercising depends a bit on how extensive your septoplasty surgery is and your pain tolerance. You'll probably want to hold off on exercising at least 7-10 days, but follow your surgeon's instructions as that's who knows your situation best.
You. You probably could start a graduated program of exercise after 4-5 days but start off slow. The risk is nosebleeds which are more likely as the heart rate and blood pressure increase with the level of your cardio work-out.
I. I instruct my patients to avoid strenuous activities for 2 weeks after surgery. After all the time and money you will spend to improve your breathing, why risk additional swelling or bleeding. Your question should not be answered by committee, follow the instructions of your surgeon.
You. You should be able to resume exercise in a week after septoplasty. Good luck from nyc.