What can I do to improve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome?

Many things. Firstly make sure you are not on medications that can cause or worsen rls, like antihistamines and some psychiatric medications. Secondly, make sure you are not iron deficient (a blood test). Lastly, there are medications - Mirapex and requip, (ropinirole) that can help directly, and other medications (like Klonopin or opioids) that can help as well, altho they cause physical dependency and are not 1st choice.
Coquinol. If you are on statins you need co-q 10 or coquinol, if you are on psych meds you need to switch your meds or take requip, (ropinirole) if you are mineral deficient magensium helps.

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Does anyone know how to relieve symptoms of restless leg syndrome?

RLS. There are a few meds to try to take for this condition-=-basically in the parkinson family that help with the tremor of parkinsons. Your pcp may have samples to try and see if this helps you. Read more...

How can I reduce the symptoms of restless leg syndrome? Stop my valium?

Caution here... Valium is the first in a group of drugs: anxiolytic (anti-anxiety). Newer ones include xanax, (alprazolam) ativan, klonopin, serax.... These are all brand names; the generic chemical names end in the letters: epam. These are addictive medications (controlled substances), and the hallmark of dependence or addiction is that there is a withdrawal syndrome if suddenly stop, the drug. Must be managed with doc. Read more...