How long can I wait to have a cavity filled? I have a hole in a molar that I'm pretty sure is a cavity, but my next dentist appointment is three months away, and my insurance only covers two check-up visits a year. Is it okay to wait the three months? .

Should not wait. The cavity may become more pronounced and deep over time, trapping more bacteria and make it more difficult to clean. Do not wait.
It . It is extremely important that you visit your dentist as soon as possible to have this tooth looked at. I understand that your insurance presents you with certain limitations; however, before assuming that you're dentist will not accommodate you, make sure you contact the office to explain your situation. We will often forgo submitting for an emergency exam if the patient's insurance does not cover them separately from his/her basic two exams per a year, or every six months and simply submit for the actual restoration that needs to be done. Your insurance will cover their share of the restoration regardless of whether or not you are eligible for an exam. Keep in mind that cavities do not go away or get smaller. They only get bigger; and the bigger they get the more chance there is of needing a root canal and/or a crown rather than a simple filling.
Call now. The cavity repair carries a different insurance code than a check-up. They are not mutually exclusive. Ask your dentist to check your insurance coverage for you, but in any event don't wait. Have the treatment done now.
Even . Even though your insurance covers only two checkups a year there is usually provision for emergency treatment in between. Do not wait--go get it looked and treated before your problem is bigger.
No. . No. It is not okay to wait. The cavity will only get larger and more expensive. Your insurance should pay their portion of the restoration regardless of how many exams you have already had.