I take hCG, along with hydrocut, fastin (phentermine) another weight loss plus petermine3.5 49 pretty good health. 183, I want to weigh 140

Not good. You shouldn't mix and match this combination. You should only do the HCG diet as a stand alone diet under the supervision of a physician. You should not use hydroxycut with Phentermine unless you want a cardiac event! you need to see a physician to make sure you do things the right way. http://www.prlog.org/12249227-hcg-diet-offered-in-new-jersey.html.
There . There are no long term studies that dietary supplements are efficacious for long-term weight loss unfortunately. Combining them in particular is very concerning. The best advice would be to contact your local poison center, which is a free service, and discuss the possible side effects of combining these supplements.