Right foot and ankle has been swollen about a week now and I never did anything to cause it.? Also, sock leaves bad ring now like I was weaing a strong rubberband all day? I am 54 years old. And also about three times a day I have to take a hairbrush and

There . There are different issues that can cause ankle and foot pain. Trauma of course is the best known, but it sounds like there is no history of trauma. Gout can cause foot and joint pain and swelling; the pain with gout is usually severe and more often just in the foot. Vascular problems, such as thrombosis in the arteries (blood clots) can cause leg pain and swelling. Vein problems from poor circulation can cause chronic venous stasis, where there is little pain but the leg has swelling and discoloration. Other types of arthritis can cause joint swelling. Consulting your physician to determine the cause of your symptoms would be a reasonable next step.