6 yrs ago abdominal lipoma. Vertical cut-3 hernia surgeries after last surg. Placed mesh and last wk much discomfort. Whats next? Following the removal of my abdominal tumor, I developed a hernia 3 months later- had laproscopic hernia repair. Few months la

See your surgeon. If the problem is discomfort, it may not be related to the hernia, rather scar tissue. If you think the hernia is back, see a surgeon with experience in abdominal wall reconstruction, including perforator soaring techniques for "component separation". Not sure what you need however without a complete evaluation - history, exam, review old records and ct scans.
If . If you are noticing a new bulge in the "stomach" you could have a recurrence again of your hernia. The best test to find this out is a ct scan.