What are possible causes for coughing/spitting up blood? Sinus pressure/headache when coughing.

Given . Given your symptoms, sinusitis may be the culprit. There are many causes for coughing up blood--from simple and easy to complex and concerning. It can be from the nose, mouth, throat, lungs/bronchi, and esophagus. The most common cause can be bronchitis or pneumonia. If this is persistent, you should go to the doctor. It is hard to judge without more info: age, smoker, fever, difficulty breathing, throat pain, etc.
Hello. . Hello. If you have a sinus infection, that could be a source of the blood. If you have inflammed tissue in your nose, that could also be a source of blood. If you have bronchitis, small amounts of blood can also be coughed up. If there is very much blood, you might need to be evaluated to ensure that the bleeding is stopped.