My breasts are swollen what should I do? My breasts are swollen and I don't know how they got this way I am not on my period and they hurt just a little if I touch them. This is the first time they swelled. My age is 13 and im a female

At . At age 13 you're going through lots of hormonal changes, and many of the hormones you're now producing that you've never made before can cause breast swelling, tenderness, and possibly even some nipple discharge. In the vast majority of cases, these changes are normal. It's important to wear bras that don't rub on your nipples or breasts, as this can contribute to breast swelling, nipple pain, and nipple discharge. You should also avoid massaging your breasts when they're sore, as this could actually worsen the problem. I've attached a link that might interest you. If you're really concerned about the swelling and discomfort in your breasts, talk to your mother; if necessary, she can make an appointment for you to see your doctor. I hope that helps! http://www.Emedicinehealth.Com/breast_lumps_and_pain/article_em.Htm.
When . When young women are developing (age 13), the breast changes a lot in response to hormone changes that are occuring. These changes are not just during your period. You are likely to find that your breasts will continue to have changes like swelling that may coincide with your menstrual cycle, but not necessarily in an even pattern or rhythm. It is unlikely for a 13 year old young woman to develop bad breast disease like cancer. If the findings seem to be localized to a specific area of one breast, you could consult your doctor or pediatrician. However, in this age group, one must be careful about removing tissue from the breast, since a small amount of tissue today might correspond to a markedly larger area of tissue later in life when the breast is fully developed.