Besides surgery is there an alternative for knee pain? Becau 88 year old female. Good health but fear of a possible stroke if she has surgery. Has tried many pain relievers but nothing seems to help. She also has neuropathy in her feet. She is not a dia

Knee. This is one of those time when acupuncture might help -and won't hurt to try. Check with family doc for a referral or orthopedist.
You . You may wish to consider medical acupuncture. It can be very helpful for neuropathy by helping to mobilize stagnating blood, lymph, electricity (nerves) and qi. It can also be helpful for joint damage. It is very non-intrussive and safe.
I . I like the idea of acupuncture particularly electrical acupuncture particularly given the request was for alternatives. A combination of approaches often work best though: topical anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, injections, and general measures to effectively deal with pain are worth a try. For example, if any sleep disturbances are present make sure they are addressed. Occasional nutritional problems can contribute to pain..B12, vitamin d..To mention a few. You are right not to be satisfied with the only answer being surgery! most often other alternatives can and do work.