I think I am starting to have symptoms of menopause. What should I do?

Natural part of life. Approach menopause the way we approach puberty. It is a natural part of our lives and best dealt with through healthy diet and exercise and not with medications. In fact, puberty and menopause are mirror images of each other in the reproductive life of a women.
Educate yourself. Learn about the pros and cons of hormone therapy. Schedule an appointment to discuss what you've learned with your Gyn. During early menopause hormones have many benefits. Only you can decide whats best for you.
Menopause Doctor. In menopause the ovaries are no longer producing both estrogen (estradiol) and progesterone, which are potent female hormones. Every cell in a woman's body has estrogen and Progesterone receptors, not just the reproductive system, so the entire body suffers once in menopause. Find an integrative medicine doctor who specializes in menopause. They are best trained to prescribe bioidentical hrt.
Talk to your doctor! Based on what you are saying the most common side effect is hot flashes. Also, women present with irregular bleeding, mood changes, sleep changes, vaginal dryness and recurrent vaginal infections. These can all be treated in hormonal and non-hormonal ways. Do not panic and talk with your doctor about options and approach this based on symptoms that you are trying to treat!