What happens during and after a mammogram?

Squeezing. During a mammogram, the breast tissue is stretched forward and squeezed tightly between 2 plates. This may feel like pinching or even a sharp pain. It only takes a few seconds to get the x-ray. Then the plates are loosened and in most cases, the discomfort goes away quickly. Two or 3 films may need to be taken of each breast. The better the compression, the easier it is to find tumors!
Minimal discomfort. When you have a mammogram your breasts are x-rayed in 2 different angles. Sometimes additional views may become needed. They usually apply compression on breast tissue to get a more clear picture. This can be uncomfortable or occasionally somewhat painful. A radiologist will read the mammogram and a report is sent to the ordering provider. At age 26 it is unusual to need a mammogram.
Mammo. The tech will ask you to stand facing the mammo machine, and place one breast at a time on a flat surface.A flat compression paddle will gently be lowered to compress your breast. Compression spreads out the breast tissue and eliminates motion.The compression may be uncomfortable,but shouldn't hurt. Compression usually lasts no more than a few seconds. 2 views of each breast are obtained.