Does gaining weight after chin liposuction affect the results? My weight tends to fluctuate by up to 15 pounds during the year. If I have chin liposuction at my lightest, will gaining weight undo the results? .

Yes . Unfortunately, gaining and losing weight will affect plastic surgery results. It is best to try and stay at your ideal weight.
Yes. Yes, it could affect the area. However, since liposuction permanently removes the excess fat cells in the area, you may notice less tendency to gain fat back in those areas. Depends on how many fat cells are still present and where you body prefers to store gained fat.
Partially. If you gain weight again, your neck will enlarge but to a lesser degree.
Hi, . Hi, yes... In general, if you gain weight in the affected region it will change the contour and appearance... How much it changes depends on your unique pattern of weight gain.... If you tend to put on weight in your chin region first.. You may see some contour change... If, on the other hand, you tend to put weight on in your midsection then you won't have to worry much with 15 pounds...