How does a diagnostic mammogram differ from a screening mammogram?

Screening mammo. is 4 standard views in an asymptomatic woman, looking for signs of cancer anywhere in both breasts. Diagnostic mammogram is a variable number of specialized views to fully evaluate a particular area of the breast identified as potentially abnormal on screening mammo or physical exam.
A closer look. A screening mamogram is a 2-view study of each breast designed to look for any abnormality in an otherwise symptom-free person. If an abnormality is found, we will "call back" that person to do a diagnostic mammogram to take a closer look of that specific abnormality. Diagnostic mammograms are automatically ordered when evaluating a new palpable breast lump or other breast problems.
See below. A diagnostic mammogram is ordered when there is a specific problem with the breast. Either you or your primary care provider may have felt a lump or you are called back from a screening mammogram. A screening mammogram should be done once yearly starting at age 40. These are performed in asymptomatic females to detect early signs of breast cancer.