What are some advantages of the vasectomy?

Some are... - less invasive than tubal ligation for women; - an office procedure under local anesthesia; - high effectiveness for birth control up to 99.85%; - less cost than that of tubal ligation; - well tolerated; - provide good resource control, time and money, for living and raising more children that one can afford.
Stopping BCP+ condom. Partner can stop taking birth control pills and no need for male partner to use condom. Vasectomy is less invasive that female tubal ligation.
Infertility. Men have a vasectomy for sterilization. A term that represents the inability to father children with your own genetic contribution. The vas deferens carries and matures sperm. If the vas deferens is disconnected (vasectomy), it is unable to perform this job function and the man is infertile.There are fewer risk for men to have this sterilization procedure than women to have tubaligation.