How is the vasectomy typically done?

Disconnect the vas . The vas is like a partially cooked spaghetti, which can be identified by touch. A vasectomy can be done as an office procedure or in a surgery center/operating room. The procedure, simply -identify vas, use a some material or device to occlude the lumen and or sharply separate the vas. Highest success rates occur by ensuring that lumen does not open and or reconnect ( fold it back/away).
Here are... It is usually done under local anesthesia through one or two tiny openings, usually one, to reach, secure, and remove a 2-cm section of vas, then block or seal the cut-ends of vas with metal clips or non-absorbable ligation or cauterization, and then close the opening with 1-2 stitches or simply leave it open. In fact, for decades, I have leave it open with no closure...
Quick Snip. Vasectomy is typically a 10-minute office procedure. Patients appreciate a less-invasive approach, so no-needle no-scalpel is popular. Open-ended vasectomy is a newer technique to leave open the testicular end of the cut vas to minimize the risk of post-vasectomy pain. I made this video to show the procedure and explain this technique in more detail: http://youtu.Be/0ni3vxnai58.