I'm a woman and a vegetarian. Should I take iron supplements?

Depends. Have your blood count checked to see if you are anemic. Most vegetarians can get adequate amounts of iron through their diet provided they eat a healthy and varied diet.
Yes. That's my opinion. Militants may tell you that you can get enough iron from vegetables, but you'd need to take 20 tablespoons of that special molasses or 16 servings of broccoli to have a chance. Vegetarianism is the moral high ground but you need to supplement -- more than just iron. A veg-friendly physician can help you if you want to be safe. Best wishes.

Related Questions

Can you say if it could living a vegetarian diet without iron supplements make me infertile successfully?

Do you want. To be infertile? No, it won't make you infertile, but if you don't ingest sufficient iron you will develop an anemia. You can get adequate iron in your vegetarian diet -- talk w/a registered dietitian.
No. It'll probably just make you sick. Perhaps very sick, especially if you're a strict vegetarian and don't supplement with this and other nutrients. You describe yourself as fifty years old, and I am wondering why you are asking about something to make you infertile. Please forgive me if I have misunderstood your question. If you're considering "going veggie", get a scientific dietician's advice.