Do orthodontists work on crooked teeth from people who chewed tobacco in the past? I chewed tobacco for 2 years and now I have a few crroked teeth. Will the orthodontist still work on them?

That depends ... on the cause of your crooked teeth. If they were straight before you chewed tobacco then the problem is most likely from bone loss due to periodontal disease and this would need to be addressed prior to getting braces from an orthodontist. Regardless teeth need to be clean, cavity free and gums need to be in good health prior to starting orthodontic treatment. See your general dentist first.
Sure. Should not be an issue. As long as you have quit and stay off it . Your gum tissues may have been affected and this may be a treatment consideration. Talk with the Orthodontist to find out your options. It should not be an issue. Good Luck.
Likely. but if your gums have resorbed to the point that your roots are too short and not healthy enough for treatment, then no. Hopefully this is not the case. A visit to the orthodontist and have a panoramic x-ray done will be the only way to know for sure.
Unrelated. Chewing tobacco does not cause crooked teeth. It can damage the bone and gums around the teeth, however. Make sure 1. You're seeing an orthodontic specialist, not a gp who dabbles in "braces". 2. The orthodontist and your family dentist insist that you see a periodontist, a gum specialist, to check your supporting tissues. 3. The cancer-causing tobacco habit is completely discontinued.
Irrelevant. You can get an orthodontic treatment. However, tobacco is bad for you in general, so it should be no surprise that all forms of tobacco are also harmful to your oral health.
Yes BUT. I would insist the habit has to go; otherwise, we run risks of a "mess" and a huge long-term risk of cancer. Braces and chewing tobacco do not mix.
Yes. As long as you are no longer chewing tobacco. However, there are probably many orthodontists who will.
Probably. . Probably. If your gums are damaged for any reason you will need to get them healthy first. Take the first step and see a dentist to find out if you can get your crooked teeth fixed directly or if you need some other work first to get you in shape for orthodontics.
Louisville, Yes, . Louisville, yes, you can likely receive orthodontic care to straighten your teeth. First get an oral cancer exam and a peridontal exam. I am glad you have stopped. You have likely dodged a bullet. In my mind, continuing to dipping or chewing tabacco is just a question of when (not if) will oral cancer occur. And peridontal disease, which is a loss of bone that holds in the teeth. This leads to a loss of teeth. Good for you, michael i. Wollock, dmd, agd fellow dentistry at suburban square 610-649-0313 www.Dentistryatsuburbansquare.Com.
Yes-as . Yes-as long as one thing has nothing to do with the other..If you just have cooked teeth and it is truly an orthodontic problem then orthodontic treatment is possible. If you are seeing changes due to wear or somethig else then some other treatment may be the cure. Regardless , once you have braces placed you can not chew. It's better for you that way anyhow.