Orange watery stool? Abdominal crming, gasy, watery orange stool. Some solid stool, lack of energy.

Hello. . Hello. I can’t diagnose the reason for your orange colored stool. Passing orange feces may mean the stool either isn’t absorbing or isn’t coming in contact with enough bile salt. This can happen if the stool is transiting too quickly through the colon. As a result of moving so rapidly, fluid is not be adequately reabsorbed through the colon which results in liquid feces. Sometimes the problem can be that bile isn’t getting through the bile ducts (i.e., like gallstones). Diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones & inflammation of the bile ducts are just a few possible reasons for orange stool. If you have been ingesting a lot of antacids that contain aluminum, that can also cause orange stools. Suggest you consult with your doctor on this one.