What do I do for estreme leg, feet and hand muscle cramps? Kept me up all night--still spasaming. Tried diazapam that I have for occasional cramping and drank some tonic water for the quinine and drank gator ade for the electrolights.

I . I agree with dr. Jaffery. Another consideration would be spinal cord irritation and a neurologic exam would be able to uncover that problem. Before you visit the neurologist make sure to differentiate between "spasms", cramps, and restless legs. Spasms respresent a painful and involuntary muscle contraction. It can not be released voluntarily. A muscle cramp is a sudden intermittent pain of a muscle that may involve involuntary contractions and can be associated with spasms. Restless legs refers to an uneasiness and restlessness in the legs when at rest. This most commonly occurs after going to bed but can be seen earlier in the evening (anticipation). Cramps can also be associated with arthritic conditions and cold exposure. I hope this helps.