Eyelid just got over the flu. But now my upper eye lid is red and looks alittle swollen. Its the left eye only. Its not watery. Just itches on and off. Mostly when it start it itch its at the corner the part closed to your nose. Its not really discharging

If . If the lid becomes painful, this likely represents a stye. Start using the lid soaks with a warm wash cloth 2-3 times daily for 2-3 minutes. If the lid continues to swell, i would recommend evaluation by your eye doctor. This could represent many different things.
After . After a viral illness like the flu, your eyes can be irritated and dry, without bein infected. If only the eyelid is affected, it could be an early stye. If it is a stye, hot compresses may help, and artificial tears will help with itching and irritation. If worse in the next few days, see an eye doctor.
It . It sounds like a seasonal allergies. There are many good anti-itch eye drops that you can get from your ophthalmologist. First, make sure that you do not rub your eye. This may provide temporary relief but the itching comes back worse then before. If you must, you can apply cold compress. You can't rule out a pink eye. But as you wisely noted, if it is a pink eye it will resolve on its own in ~two weeks.