Is my ankle okay to play lacrosse I sprained my ankle about 2 months ago maybe a little less. I can run and jump on it if I have a sports brace on it. I can move it with only a little pain but nothing serious. I had a level 2 sprain

Limit activity. Rigorous activity should be limited for optimal healing. Use of a brace may help support an area during activity, but they have their limitations. Consult with your doctor and get their professional advice.
Make . Make sure that you have fully rehabilitated your ankle prior to returning to your sport. I often see athletes injure other areas because they come back too soon. Make sure that hip and core exercises are part of your rehab. A simple rule is to make sure you have full strength and full range of motion prior to full participation.
You . You should test your ankle. First, put your gear on and run some lacrosse drills (non-contact). If you do not have pain and are able to cut and pivot without pain, you should be able to compete safely. It is important to listen to your body. If your ankle hurts after some drills, then it is not ready for a full contact game.