My lymph nodes are swollen so big that it is very painful to swallow, what should I do? I just got over a cold, but I still have a slight cough and stuffy nose. Now my lymph nodes are swollen so big it is very painful to swallow. I don't have a sore throa

Hello. . Hello. Your symptoms can't be diagnosed over an email format. However, since swollen lymph nodes are prominent after an upper respiratory infection, possibly it was mononucleosis. This is actually quite easy for the doctor to test for. I suggest being evaluated. In the meantime, warm salt water gargles four times a day can sometimes ameliorate the soreness some.
Symptoms . Symptoms that persist or worsen after the typical course of a cold (10-14 days) should be seen by your primary care doctor. This may be strep throat or mono. Strep wil need an antibiotic. Mono only needs symptomatic care and some counseling (no contact sports, etc.) and can last weeks. Or commonly this can also be a new cold.
Monitoring Centers. Lymphatic system absorbs/carries things too big to go into the arteries/veins like bacteria eaten by white cells and digested food. Lymph nodes "taste" the lymph for anything bad like bacteria/viruses/cancers, etc. When it detects a problem, it alerts the immune system and your body reacts. They enlarge the same in response to the inflammation they create when they react regardless of the cause.