A 13 year girl is cutting put her in a hospital for distured kids. Dr. Wants to put her on prozac (fluoxetine). What ill effects could this on her. Is her brain ok to handle this drug.

It's . It's quite common for patients like this who exhibit such behavior to be put on a trial of an antidepressant like prozac, (fluoxetine) and there are risks/side effects (the doctor should explain them to you) to such kind of medication but generally antidepressants have a good safety profile in both young and old patients. Albeit there is little information about this 13 y/o, i would say that medication often isn't the only solution to depression in young and old patients.
Good . Good input from dr. Ferraz. When a child is cutting she needs help. Individual therapy and family therapy are often beneficial. Getting group therapy with her peers and medication to help with brain chemical imbalances is also helpful. This class of medications (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) is usually well tolerated.