Does breast augmentation involve moving the nipples? Are the nipples moved during breast augmentation? .

Not in augmentation. To move the nipples you would have to do a breast lift.
No. A breast augmentation is not designed to move or lift the nipples. A breast lift, (mastopexy), is the operation designed to do that.
No. Breast augmentation surgery alone does not involve moving the nipple/areola complex sees. However, breast lifting generally does involve movement of the nipple/areola complex to a higher position on the chest wall. Best wishes.
Nipple position. If your nipples are to low or very different from each other than a mastopexy ( breast lift) may need to be done with the augmentation. I tell patients that augmentation give the nipples a slight lift but they will not improve a droopy breast. .
If . If your surgery does not include a breast lift, your nipple are not moved on your breasts. As has been mentioned, the implant should be essentially centered on the breast which may make it appear slightly higher. Dr. Edwards.
Yes and no. After breast augmentation the apparent location of the nipple may have changed. Implants that are low on the chest have a tendency to make the nipple look higher on the breast and implants that are high on the chest may make the nipple look lower. But unless the nipple is cut and moved the nipple location is not changed.
The . The pocket is made, the implant inserted and the nipple is not
In . In most breast augmentations the nipple is not moved, but the implant can give it a higher position. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.