Test was negative for yeast infection, heavy like cottage cheese dr, has no answer have this since novemeber, can this be from diet?

You . You should treat with an over the counter yeast infection cream. It wont hurt either way. The test may have been wrong. If that does not work go back to your doctor and request an additional work up. Good luck.
Most . Most yeast infections cause a great deal of vaginal itching in addition to the heavy, cottage cheese-like discharge. If you're not having any symptoms aside from the discharge, this could simply be due to an alteration in the ph of your vagina (i.e., the acid-base balance) or a change in your blood hormone levels. While heavy vaginal discharges can be annoying, they may not represent a "disease state." now, if you're having lots of itching, it's worth treating your symptoms with an antifungal agent (e.g., gyne-lotrimin, monistat, etc.), whether or not the test was negative for yeast. I've attached a link that provides more information about vaginal discharges. I hope this helps! http://women.Webmd.Com/vaginal-discharge-whats-abnormal.