What can you do to protect yourself from ovarian cancer?

Birth control pills. The only way to reduce your risk of ovarian cancer is to take birth control pills. The longer you take the pill, the greater your risk reduction.
Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian cancer cannot be prevented, but your risk can be reduced. If you are concerned about your risk for ovarian cancer, talk with your gyn. You may be a good candidate for taking birth control pills. Taking birth control pills for 5 years has been shown to reduce ovarian cancer risk by 50%.9 . But birth control pills have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, so caution is advised.

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How can I treat ovarian cancer?

Depends. It will depend on the stage. Curative surgery in early stage of disease plus minus chemotherapy. Debulking surgery is needed and is done by a gynecology-oncologist if the tumor burden is high - then followed by chemotherapy. The treatment will depend on the stage. Read more...
Ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is treated by a gynecologic oncologist. It i best treated by cytoreductive or staging surgery followed by chemotherapy in most cases. Read more...