Can I go back to work right after radiesse injections? I've read that there's no downtime after radiesse. Is that right? I want to make an appointment to have it done on my lunch break. Will I be able to go back to work right afterwards? .

Radiesse (dermal fillers) . Radiesse (dermal fillers) can be done in the office. You may have a bit of swelling or bruising after the injection so the choice is your whether you'd want to go back to work right away.
There . There should be no problem going back to work immediately after. The only possile complications are swelling &/or bruising. I always send my patients home with small ice pack to keep swelling down. If you are worried about bruising, schedule it after work and pick up arnica. This homeopathic remedy will eliminate any bruising. I don't know about the other doctors results, but I have only had one patient bruise from filler injections and the bruise was gone within 24 hours of taking the arnica.