Loss of toenail lost big toe nail for no reason

Does your shoe. create pressure against that toe/nail? Clip nails straight across (rounded in center) to prevent them from becoming ingrown. Don’t push back cuticles. Use emery board for irregular nails Insure that your shoes fit properly & that they don’t squeeze your toes. 5. Alternate the shoes you wear. .
Well, . Well, like with most belief systems, just because we can't give a logical explanation doesn't mean there is no reason. We just don't know the reason! sometimes, this happens for no "apparent" reason. Chances are, there is already a new nail growing there already. If you have no pain, there is nothing to do. Of course, you can always put the nail under your pillow, and the toenail fairy will come and leave you a dollar. And let me tell you, she is one ugly chick. Not cute, like the tooth fairly.