Is ovarian pain a sign of pregnancy 19 days into my cycle? I have a 26 day cycle I tried to conceive on days 9, 12, and 14 this month where is this sharp pain coming from it is right sided ovary region pain

Pain . Pain at midcycle is usually pain from ovulation, if it is before a pregnancy has been documented. However, pain in the ovary region after pregnancy can represent a "corpus luteum cyst", which is a cyst on the ovary that feeds the pregnancy prior to implantation of the fetus on the placenta. Pain during pregnancy can also be "round ligament pain" as the uterus enlarges. If a patient is pregnant and has severe ovarian pain however, then rarely ectopic pregnancy (tubal) should be considered, but fortunately that is very rare and is usually accompanied by spotting. If a patient had persistent pain and is pregnant then they should consult their gynecologist.