Why is the dental abscess getting worse during treatment? I have a tooth with a large cavity. It had a filling in it, but the filling got loose and before I had a chance to have it fixed I got a dental abscess. The filling was removed so the tooth could dr

Dr . Dr zweig gave you some good advice. Was the root canal started? You did not clarify in your post. The dead nerve tissue needs to be removed to help the antibiotics work. It may be necessary to use a different antibiotic if you are not getting better. Call your dentist for an evaluation.
As . As antibiotic therapy is initiated, the area of infection becomes more localized and can often appear as though it is getting worse before it gets better. It should be reevaluated by your dentist if you are having continued pain. Antibiotics alone may not completely take you out of pain.
The . The word should, should almost be banned from the language. It seems as if you have an endodontic problem. I am sure your dentist expected this to work. However, expectations are not always realized. Since it has not gotten better a different treatment must be tried. It seems as if the infection is beating the antibiotics, and something else has to be done to eliminate the infection. The abscess has to be drained or a root canal has to be started.