Tender breasts? My breasts have been very very sore and tender mostly around the nipple for the last 3 days. And its not a soreness on the skin, it feels sore behind my nipple. I have been on the depopravera shot for a couple years and I don't have my per

Cystic change. You could be experiencing fibrocystic changes (see other posts-fibrocystic breasts). This is the most common cause of breast pain. I recommend you contact your gynecologist for evaluation to make sure there is not anything more serious or a mass/lump present.
Breast . Breast tenderness can occur from hormone fluctuations, which can occur from hormone level changes from stress, pregnancy, or even from weight changes (gain or loss). I am not sure when your last depo was, but if you are at all concerned about pregnancy then taking a test would be reasonable. Most likely this will resolve on its own, but if it doesn't be sure and mention your symptoms to your physician.