Is it possible to reverse the effects of sculptra? I've had other facial fillers, and liked the results, but I'm worried about trying sculptra because the results are based on my face making collagen, not just on how much filler the doctor injects. What I

Sculptra not reversi. Sculptra cannot be reversed as its end product or result is collagen and we cannot remove collagen. It will take 2 to 3 years to disappear.
No. Sculptra effects are not reversible since it works by stimulating collagen production. Bad results are often the result of poor injection technique, inadequate dilution, and to a lesser degree, failure to massage after treatment. The only way to get rid of the result is with time (2+ years). Consult with an experienced professional. In my opinion, sculptra is a great product.
No reversing sculptr. Sculptra is not reversible. The process is done slowly and an experienced injector will not inject so much product or so many times as to create too much collagen production. The younger you are, the more readily your skin will produce new collagen. Experience is key - seek out a doctor who has done a lot of sculptra or seek out a sculptra training physician. Look at their work.
The . The volume increase from sculptra injections can't be reversed! the good news is the liklihood this would ever be necessary is extremely remote. The increase in volume is very gradual and usually 2-4 treatments are required to give the eqivalent increase of a small cheek implant. Each treatment requires about 6 weeks to completely stimulate the collagen increase. Most patients wish they had slightly more increase, not less. Sculptra is a reliable product which gives consistent results when performed by an experience plastic surgeon!