Mental health I have been fired from my job for stealing money. I am at loss as to why I did this and the guilt of doing this is overwhelming. I have hurt and disappointed so many people I care about. I know what I was doing was wrong in my heart but n

Dr. . Dr. Kardener made excellent points. Clearly, your behavior was meeting a need, even if you did not realize this. However, the way you met the need had many negative consequences(your job; your reputation and your self-esteem). It is important to get a handle on this. Counseling is a very good approach. Hopefully, it will allow you to understand your behavior and enable you to find healthier ways to meet your needs. Take care.
Human . Human behavior is never just random or capricious. It is always motivated by some underlying perception which generates feelings. If these feelings are painful or otherwise uncomfortable, we try to avoid them coming into our awareness. The problem is that when feelings are not "felt-out" they get "acted out" either through behavior or physical symptoms. A vicious cycle ensues: the result of the behavior generates results that feed right back into reinforcing the perceptions and feelings that started the whole cycle in the first place. So, while judgements about behavior may have been made (getting fired, legal, and family consequences that are unfortunate) you are asking about trying to understand what it was all about. That is an important question to be answered as it is obvious you are distressed by what has happened. This can be accomplished best with the help of a therapist and i strongly recommend you seek such help especially so that your behavior is not highjacked again by perceptions and feelings that don't have a better outlet. I have detailed more about this in my book "breaking free: how chains from childhood keep us from what we want.".