How to treat a swollen and scraped foot. I was on a moving truck but then I slipped and was dragged on cement. I thought I only had scrapes but now it hurts to move my knees and my foot. My foots a bit swollen in my opinion. My right foot has a scrape and

Hello, . Hello, it sounds like you might have both contusions and abrasions. I suggest elevating your feet and applying ice to help wtih possible swelling. Please clean the scrapes out very well and consider use of antibiotic ointment. Sterile bandages or dressings would also be helpful. If the wounds become hot, red, have drainage, or there is red streaking of fever, then you likely have an infection. From the way this injury is described there sounds like potential for some nasty stuff to have entered your skin - so you should check your tetanus status as you may need a tetanus shot.