Are space maintainers removed as soon as the permanent tooth starts erupting? Our son needs to have a space maintainer put in after having a baby tooth knocked out, and i'd like to know at what point they are generally removed..

Yes. Generally they are removed when the tooth they are holding space for erupts. There are times when the maintainer is left for other orthodontic purposes. Not every missing tooth needs a space maintainer. Generally if the tooth missing is one of the front 4 a space maintainer is not indicated.
You . You guessed it correctly. Space maintainers preserve the space where a tooth is missing so that it is available when the erupting permanent tooth makes it's move up through the gum into line with the other teeth. The space maintainer will be removed at this time. Teeth naturally tend do drift towards the front of the mouth. There is a mechanism of contracting collagen fibers that pull them together and forwards. The arcade of the teeth is arranged naturally around the tongue which pushes out, and that pressure is balanced by the forces from the muscles of the lips and cheeks and the teeth lie in what is called the neutral zone the arc where the forces are equal. The fibers pulling the teeth forwards (transceptal fibers) are remarkable efficient particularly in a child's mouth, and in a matter of weeks the space where a tooth is missing can be reduced and the naturally available space for the next tooth reduced which results in an orthodontic problem. It is a good thing your dentist puts on space maintainers. Dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.
Right on! The purpose of a space maintainer is to prevent adjacent teeth from collapsing into the space created by early loss of a permanent tooth. That generally means it is removed when the permanent tooth starts to peek through the gum tissue. It's a matter of timing, and for best growth and development supervision, you should consult with anorthodontist.
Yes, . Yes, the point of the space maintainer is to hold open the space that was originally filled by the baby tooth. By doing so, you allow the adult tooth the best chance of coming in normally. If the space maintainer is not placed, the other teeth will "drift" into the position and cause significant crowding and issues in the future. Kudos for having one placed! that will save you and your son a lot of work in the future.
Passaic, I . Passaic, i grew up fairly near. They usually fall off as that adult tooth eventual erupts. If not, your dentist will give it a helping hand. Hope this is helpful, michael i. Wollock, dmd, agd fellow dentistry at suburban square 610-649-0313 www.Dentistryatsuburbansquare.Com.