Excruciating pain. At shoulder & goes into wrist, hand & fingers. Severe pain, numbness, & tingling. My nerves pop. Excruciating pain, numbness, tingling, itching, nerves pop.

You . You listed nerve repair and nerve surgery in the topics. Does this mean you had nerve surgery? Shoulder instability especially anterior instability can give the feeling of the entire arm going numb when the shoulder and arm are in certain positions. This is known as dead arm syndrome neck, nerve root involvement can give neck pain and spasm and symptoms down the arm into the hand depending upon which nerve roots of the cervical spine are involved. Nerve "popping" can indicate subluxation of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, which can give distal symptoms of hand weakness if associated with nerve compression, as well as abnormal sensation in the hand especially the little and ring fingers. An injured nerve that was repaired after laceration can give the feeling of pain that radiates up and down the arm and be associated with wean=kness and numbness into the hand or forearm. Nerve recovery after a laceration can take months or years depending upon how high up the forearm or arm the injury and repair was. Sometimes in very far proximal ( towards the shoulder) injury, recovery never fully occurs and recovery is also age and general health dependent ( i.e. Smokers and diabetics vs healthy fit 20 year olds ).