Extra large baby teeth? A couple of the baby teeth that have erupted in our son's mouth seem too big to me. Is this something to be worried about? Should we see the dentist before the next scheduled visit? .

Absolutely. If you're concerned, have your dentist check. Remember that back teeth are larger than front teeth, and the largest front teeth are the top middle ones. You have an obvious and real concern. Of course ask your dentist to check.
Which . Which baby teeth? The front teeth or the back teeth? How old is your son? Don't forget, his jaw and his head are going to grow, but his teeth will not get any bigger, so they may look large now, but look just right two years from now. Your dentist cannot do anything to those teeth right now, nor should he unless they were decayed.
YOU . You should throw up your hands and thank god that your son has teeth. It is not uncommon for the first teeth erupting into a baby's mouth to seem big, they are so small and the teeth are for a full size six year old. Clean his teeth nicely, and yes take him with you when you next go into the dentist and have him checked. I recommend the oral b braun for children.' dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.