Baby tooth growing in sideways? Our two year old has a tooth that seems to be growing in almost sideways. Should we make a special trip to the dentist for this? Will the adult tooth grow in the same way, and could this tooth need to be pulled? .

Absolutely. At 2 what you are looking at may be a 1st deciduous (baby) molar, which looks different on eruption than the thinner incisors and canes that have already come in. To make sure, hover, go see a dentist. 1st dental appointment age 1 to check growth and development, diet, fluorides, oral hygiene, etc.
It . It might be growing in sideways, or you may just think that by looking at it. Your son is about the age for a visit to the dentist to get him acclimated to having his teeth looked at and cleaned. I think it would be at this visit that the dentist could evaluate the tooth in question. Hope this info helps.
You . You should take your little one with you to the dentist every time you have your teeth cleaned. That way the dentist can check to see what is happening, and if everything is all right. Put your mind at rest and let them advise you. Dr. Neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.