How long will bruises last after chin liposuction? And will I be able to hide post-chin liposuction bruising with turtlenecks and makeup? .

Liposuction Bruising. Depending on the depth and extent of bruising it can take a 2-4 weeks or even more to disappear. Arnica pills and topical gel might help as well as camouflage makeup.
Up to three weeks. Bruising does not always happen but when it does it can be stubborn and last up to 3-4 weeks. It will be purple first then pink green and yellow until it disappears. Turtle neck or scarf will hide it better than make-up.
If . If bruising occurs, they will usually resolve in a few weeks with normal healing. Most of my patients have very little to no bruising. If needed, makeup and clothing are safe options for concealing surgical bruises.
Bruising . Bruising usually takes about 2 weeks to resolve. You can obscure any bruising with clothing and makeup. Check with your surgeon to find out when it is okay to put make over the incision, though.
Typically . Typically bruises are minimal and last a very short time after chin liposuction. You can prepare yourself by avoiding foods and medication, such as asiprin, that thin your blood before surgery. We have an aesthetician in our office who helps our patients with make-up after surgery to hide their bruises.