Mono I have had mono for a few weeks now and I have been excused from school. I still have the mono and everything, but my doctor says it is safe to attend school. I just wanted to know if it was considered okay from other doctors.

Hello. . Hello. Normally people with mononucleosis (mono) do not need to be isolated or quarantined from others. Most often mono is spreab through a person's saliva. It is called the kissing disease because it can be transmitted this way as well as sharing food or drinks with people or using the same utensils. There is also a possibility of transmitting the disease if someone breathes in the droplets that you have coughed or sneezed out of your body. It can take 4 to 8 weeks from your initial infection until you have symptoms. You can spread mono not only when you are infected, but up to several weeks (sometimes months) after you no longer have symptoms. Now, if you are physically feeling up to it, then returning to school is ok. But, you don't want to be doing vigrous sports (especially contact sports) for possibly three months due to concerns about rupturing your spleen (if it was enlarged). You want to cough into a kleenex and you don't want to be kissing anyone or let people eat or drink off your food. Hope you feel better soon.