Is an operation going to flare up my guillain barre syndrome? I was diagnosed with gbs in 2011 and I've been having trouble with neuropathy and numbness. In fact, I fell when I was standing up from my wheelchair and fractured my fiblia and tiblia bones

See below. Anesthesia and surgery should not cause a flare up of the gbs. Let your anesthesiologist know about your problem, and the associated neuropathy. They will be able to tailor an anesthetic that will help your condition.
There . There have been a few reports of gbs being caused by surgery, but i think you should get your fractures repaired. There are treatments for gbs. While you are recuperating you can have electrical testing done to help determine what type of gbs or cidp you have and have the correct treatment. Having neuropathy will make your rehabilitation take a bit longer but rehab will increase your overall function.