Does fibrocystic change shape of breast forever?

No. They change during the course of a month as well as more dramatically after menopause.
No. It just makes the breasts feel more "lumpy -bumpy" due to the cystic tissue. You may have more swelling and tenderness in the week before your period.

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Can fibrocystic change occur in one breast?

Yes, but... Yes, it can, but it is usually bilateral. Please check carefully that breast for a subtle actual lump or have a MD perform the exam in her/his office so as not to miss a real developing non fibrocystic problem. Read more...

Scans showed cysts in breast and focal fibrocystic change. Is fibrocystic change linked to breast cancer in anyway? Breasts aren't painful or tender.

NO. Fibrocystic breasts as they are now called(not F.C.disease,bc it is not a dse)occur in 50% of women betweenages 25 % 50. Thet are not precancerous unless something called "atypia"shows under the microscope. However,if any new "lump"is felt you need to get checked by your doctor. Hope this answers your question. Read more...